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  A Journal of Kirsten Growing up

Kirsten and I was released from Clovis Community Medical Center at 12:00 pm on Friday October 29,2004. She was born on Tuesday October 26,2004 at 7:14 pm weighting 6 lb and 9 oz and 21" Long. We have been very lucky so far she only wakes up 1 to 2 times during the night and she only fusses when she is hungry, tired or when she has a dirty diaper. We took her to Sierra Pines Church for her first outing on Halloween October 31,2004. The church was putting on a Halloween Party for the kids.

On November 2,2004 Kirsten had her 1st Doctors Appoint with Dr. Lopez and she was slightly yellow so he sent her next door to do blood work and it came back that she had a slight case of jaundice and he said that she would be fine all she needed was a little bit of sunlight through the window.

 On November 5,2004 Kirsten started to raise her head and hold it up it was so incredible to see. Then on Saturday November  6,2004 Daddy found Kirsten's umbilical cord that fell off in her diaper. The next Day Sunday November  7,2004 Daddy gave Kirsten her first bath and I video taped it and it was so cool knowing that we created this beautiful little girl and she looked like both of us. Then on Saturday November 20,2004 it was my first time giving Kirsten her bath.

On November 25,2004 Thursday was Kirsten's 1st Thanksgiving . Then the next day November 26,2004 Friday Kirsten turned 1 Month old and she weighted 8 1/2 lb. Saturday November 27,2004 Kirsten smiled for the 1st time it was the most precious thing I have ever seen.

Saturday December 4,2004 we drove down to Merced for my BOP Christmas Party for the evening and every time we turned around someone kept taking off with you even Lt. Shank could not keep his hands off you we had a fantastic time.

On Sunday December 5,2004 Daddy feed Kirsten her 1st bottle it was great to see how much he wanted to get involved with his Daughter. I have seen a lot of Fathers that are not as involved with there kids and I think how lucky I am to have this great husband that loves his family and wants to spend as much time as he can with his Daughter.

On Monday December 6,2004 we drove up North to Emeryville for Daddy's HPBA Christmas Party that was Kirsten's 1st over night trip and we had a great time.

We went on Saturday December 11,2004 to Shutterbug and had professional family pictures done and they turned out great. The next day Sunday November 12,2004 Kirsten went to her 1st Hockey Game which she slept through most of it I think she was board.

Then came Friday December 24,25, 2004 Kirsten's 1st Christmas and she got so much clothes and toys and she got to meet all her aunts and uncles and relatives from my side of the family and her aunts and uncles and relatives on Daddy's side of the family. I don't think she is going to be spoiled do you.

On December 26,2004 Sunday Kirsten turned 2 Months old and weights 9 1/2 lb and 21" Long time seems to go by quickly. Then on Friday December 31,2004 it was Kirsten's 1st New Years Eve and we drove down south to my cousins and had a great time it was Kirsten's 1st weekend trip down south. Saturday January 1,2005 Kirsten's 1st New Years Day My cousin and Your daddy and I took you for the 1st time to the Beach and walked to the pier with you and you slept the hole time until we got back to my cousin's house.

January 3, 2005 Kirsten went to see Dr. Lopez for check up and 1st set of shots. She did cry but she did very well and had no problems and never got a fever.

Thursday January 6,2005 was your 1st day in Day Care with my old friend Diane who used to watch me when I was little and she has red hair like Mommy her Mom and Dad were old friends of our Grandma and Grandpa Cole.

On Friday January 14,2005 Mommy went down to Atwater to the BOP and sign papers to Quit her Job. Mommy decided that there was nothing more important then spending time with you. So Mommy decided to go to work with Daddy so you can spend time with both of us. Also that day you found your thumb and started sucking on it and you also tried to talk to me in cooing at Red Robin.

January 17,2005 Rod Kirsten and I went to have an ultrasound done to see what was going on with the Fibroid Tumors we will get the results on Feb. 17,2005 from  Dr. Dan Dorough.          

Then Saturday morning January 22,2005 you rolled over I think you scared your self because you started to fuss and when I turned you back over you stopped fussing and you have not done that again.

Tuesday January 25,2005 you got your 1st cold poor thing I feel so bad for you I hope you get better soon. Then on January 26,2005 Wednesday Kirsten turned 3 Months old and weights 11 1/2 lb and 22" Long. I want her to grow up healthy but not too fast.

Friday February 11,2005 Rod and I gave Kirsten her 1st baby rice cereal and she loved but she kept trying to lick the spoon like a cat. I gave her about an ounce and she ate it all. I can not believe how fast she is growing and quickly she is learning things she also rolled over on her own again this time it was on a blanket that was on the floor. I think Rod and I are in for big trouble soon to come.

February 17,2005 Wednesday Kirsten and I went to see Dr. Dorough about the results of the ultrasound and not as good news as I want but not too bad. My last ultrasound was Aug. 23,2004 at that time I had four tumors and by the time I had Kirsten there were six tumors. The good news is the four tumors that were there on the last ultrasound on Aug. 23,2004 have shrunken a lot. Dr. Dorough said lets do another ultrasound sometime in July and if they continue to grow that Rod and I should discuss about having another baby soon if we still want one more because there is a possibility of not being able to get pregnant again or a miss carry or having to have a hysterectomy. Then he said if they continue to shrink then there no need to hurry right away to have one more baby we could wait two to three years if we want. So I guess we will have to wait and see what the next ultrasound says. 

February 23,2005 to February 27,2005 Wednesday through Sunday. Rod, Baby Kirsten and I went to Atlanta Georgia for the HPBA show it is where We get to check out the new product that will be coming out the next year. We also get to talk to the makers of the product and tell them what is working good and what is not. Well I have to say Kirsten was so great she got a tiny bit fussy on take off and landing because of the pressure but for the most part she was perfect. She slept most of the time and on the way back she slept most of the way home.

March 7,2005 Monday we went to Dr. Lopez for her check up and 2nd set of shots and she did cry but overall she did really well but then that night she got a low grade fever and with her slight cold she started crying more then I think she ever did. Finally she stopped and then the next day she was still not her self later that afternoon her fever broke and she was a lot better and back to her old self.




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