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Our Story in Ann's words


    My husband and I met the summer of 1990 the year I Graduated from Mariposa High I was 18 years old and I was driving back and forth to Oakhurst to work at a hotel resort in Fish camp. I live with my parents Stan and Peggy Cole in Mariposa.  I met Rod when he was working nights at Oakhurst mini mart. He is a Graduate at Yosemite High, Class of 1987 and he was 22 years old. He is one of 4 siblings, Scott, Pat, Kim and last but not least Rod. He had also started a business with his parents Jim and Jean Poplarchick during the day called Climate Control Systems.  We  start Dating around October 1990. Our first date was going to Malibu grand prix and ice skating in Fresno. Then he took me to my first Rocky Horror picture show at the Oakhurst Met Cinema.

     I started working for the US Forest Service in May 1991 as a Timber Marker.  Then in May 1992 I switched over to Fire Fighting on a Fire Engine. In April 1992 rod's dad past away of a heart attack . That left rod and his mom and his brother to continue to run the business. The end of March 1993 Rod and I Decided we were going to get married .May 1993 I switched over to the Sierra Hot Shot a type 1 hand crew that Fight Fires with hand tools . Then on June 12, 1993 Rod and I got Married at Mountain Christian Center and after we got married we talked about kids and we even picked out names if it is a boy Justin Cole Poplarchick and if it is a girl Kirsten Lynn Poplarchick but we then decided that we were not ready yet to have kids . After we got married rod's mom would ask us well when are you going to have kids she wanted a little red headed granddaughter and then I told her that I could not guarantee that because that was not in my control and then said were not ready and we don't have any medical insurance . The US Forest Service does not give any medical insurance to seasonal Fire Fighters. In 1994 rod's mom got Remarried to Ernie.

    In November 1995 I got Laid off again with the US Forest Service. Then I decided to apply for California Department Of Forestry and Fire Protection and they picked me up in June 1996. They had medical , dental , and eye . they even had calpers which is retirement insurance. When I started working with them rod's mom started in again when are you going to have kids I want a little curly red headed granddaughter. We told her we need to buy a house first. Then December 1998 we bought are first house in Ahwahnee. After we bought the house rod talked about maybe not having kids or we were not ready yet. we both had are careers and we enjoyed doing things with each other like camping, hiking, skiing, riding motor cycles and  riding bike cycles and many more. My mom was diagnosed with cancer September 1998 and the end of April 1999 my mom passed Away. Then July 1999 rod's mom went in the hospital unexpected for severe head aches. She passed away  with aneurisms in the brain. Then August 1999 my dad Remarried to Barbary. Then just before winter I got laid off with C.D.F. it  was November 1999 After getting laid off every winter I decided not to return to C.D.F. 

     In January 2000 I started working for ACRT inc. a contractor to PG&E we inspected power lines for Fire Clearance from brush and trees. Then March 2001 I found out from the doctors I had 5 fibroid tumors in my uterus. They did surgery and was able to only remove 3 of the 5 tumors the other 2 were in the inner wall of the uterus and the only way to remove them is to have a Hysterectomy. I  realized at that time that I wanted to have kids someday. Then they decided to try to shrink them with birth control pills which worked. Then they told me if I wanted to have kids that I better think about it soon. They told me with tumors you never know how long it could take to get pregnant.

     Well once again work got the best of me and I left ACRT  because it was a contracted job that could lose it's contract any time. So in January 2002  I went to work for US Department Of Justice Federal bureau Of Prisons which is a more stable job. Well Then I felt I had to do some time working there before we could start a family. Time went by fast and my doctor kept telling if you want kids you should do it soon. Rods was now 35 years old  and I just turned 32 years old. So I got off the pill in September 2003 and the doctor said to wait a little while to let it go through my system and he continue to check me and he did not seem to think that the tumors were growing. Well in February 2004 I found out that I was pregnant and I would be due some where between October 20 to October 29 2004. During my last check up a 3 weeks ago he thought the tumors might be growing a little. So I had  ultrasound done and next week may 3,2004 I should get my results. It is hard to believe that this June 12,2004 rod and I will have been Married 11 years ago and we will be having our first baby. Time goes by too fast and we have done so much together in life. To think when we got married all we could think back then about was career, career, career and now things change and all I can think about is that I could not see us together in life with out having a family that is someone a part of us.

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