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2nd B_day
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Kirsten's First Job
Climate Control Systems.


Baby Kirsten's First Photo 12 weeks

   Kirsten's Sucking her Thumb for the 1st time
                           click on image for full size.

20 weeks. Click on each image for full size.


       Face, Tummy                  Leg and Foot                  Foot and Toes
           and Arm    


   Hand and Fingers                Face                   Face and Tummy
     Waving at you

26 Weeks Click on image for full size.

The Tech said she is 98% sure it is a Girl

   Kirsten's 1st side Profile

   Big Feet

   She is Smiling at you

   Ann 25 weeks
Click on for full size

   Ann acting like she is cooking 25 weeks

Click on image for full size.

Ann at 31 weeks and Growing

Kirsten has Arrived ! 

MPG video Click here

On October 26,2004 at 7:14 pm at Clovis Community Medical Center
Kirsten Lynn Poplarchick was Born !!!

Kirsten was perfect right after she was removed from Ann.

Weighting 6lb 9oz and 21"Long

  Ann's First Look at Kirsten (Love at First Sight)

  One of our great OB Nurses and Friend ''Aunt'' Wendy comes to Visit after the C-Section


Kirsten's 1st Days in the Hospital with Mommy & Daddy Dec.26 - 29,2004

    Kirsten's 1st Picture with Wonderful Dr. Dan Dorough when he came to Visit the next day on Oct. 27,2004 before he went on his Trip.

  ''Aunt'' Mona comes to Visit Baby Kirsten in the Hospital

  Proud Parents can't you tell

  Grandpa & Grandma Cole Visit Baby Kirsten in the Hospital


  Baby Kirsten's Going Home With Mommy & Daddy on Oct. 29,2004 Approx 12:00pm


Kirsten's 1st few Days at Home and Cousin's Stephanie and Jody come to Visit.

  Daddy's Girl

  Kirsten's 1st Halloween Oct. 31,2004

  Little Princess


  17 Days Old November 12,2004

  Kirsten's 1st Thanksgiving spending time with her aunt Joann Thornton on November 25,2004

  Step Grandpa Ernie gets to meet Kirsten for the 1st time

  Kirsten Visits with ''Aunt'' Katherine

  Mommy's Girl and Daddy's Girl
Snow play 12/27/04


Kirsten's 1st Christmas 2004

  Mommy & Daddy's Treasured Moments Dec. 11,2004

Easter 2005

Lets Go Mommy

Feb. 05 First Plane ride to Atlanta

Bath time

Play time.

5-30-5 gallery

slide show 1

slide show 2

slide show3

slide show 4 the beach

Video of Kirsten standing and Typing 10 months old

1st Birthday Party 2005

Christmas 2005


Go here for Photos of Kirsten Playing in park 10-06

2nd Birthday Party at the park 10/06

2 years old

Easter 2006

Thanksgiving at Aunt Kims house Pea in a Pod


Christmas 2006

Christmas 2006

Playing in the snow 2 / 2007

Christmas 2006 Opening gifts video

Sierra Star Birth Announcement


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Our ATV Quad page

Our house when we first bought it.

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Baby room Wall Painting.

Kerry Neufeld Drew the Critters and Rod & Ann painted them in.


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